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The simplicity of chat.

Stay on top of your chat, email, and meetings all from one unified feed, now with AI.

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Say hello to a new era of email

Stay on top of your inbox with organized chat conversations. Enjoy a clutter-free workspace and focus on what really matters.

Talk to people. Not threads.

Endless threads, repetitive headers and signatures can make emails cluttered. Spike eliminates unnecessary distractions by transforming your email into a conversational experience that saves you valuable time. It’s email, but simple like chat.

Elevate productivity with Magic AI

Your all-in-one AI assistant for emails, replies, brainstorming, notes and tasks. Generate flawless emails and messages that are always in the right context and reclaim your time so you can focus on important tasks.

All your email accounts in one unified feed

Access all your work and personal email accounts with one simple, unified Inbox.  Connect with your Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, Hotmail, iCloud or any other IMAP mail accounts.

Email that puts people first

Chaitanya Damar

The Mininal Ui
Dark Theme
The Font
The Smooth Scroll
Made Spike Amazing 🤩🤩

Ignore emails because it was too long or formal

An Adobe survey found that you can increase your email replies to up to 25% if you keep them short and informal. With Spike, you can write short, conversational emails, quick.

Eva Frye

Content Strategist

Conversational email was a first for me. The design is SO intuitive and clean. I no longer waste time scrolling through email chains that show every message quoted 50 times.

Jeromy Bailey


I had something like 90K unread emails before switching to @SpikeNowHQ. I’m down to just 2K emails. Inbox 0, here I come!

Dr. Jennie C.

Finally an email platform that is a simple, intuitive hub Spike is the single digital container for my Microsoft and Google emails accounts, calendars, tasks, AND notes.

of your day is spent switching between apps

Spike unifies all your email needs, so you can eliminate the multiple apps you’re juggling, and increase your productivity by 30%.

Kenan Akhundov

One of the best mail tools. Very simple interface, and very useful tools for daily to-dos.

Inna Shtuckmeyster

Graphic Designer

Before Spike, finding a file in my email was like finding a needle in a haystack - impossible, and a huge waste of time. Now, [with Spike] files are organized and I can preview them right in the email thread - it’s amazing!

Christopher Bond


This is it! Finally, the email client with everything you need! The email chat interface is great and fast! A++

prefer emails with a conversational tone

Thanks to a Grammarly survey, we know that an email with a conversational tone will increase your chances at a response. Stop getting ghosted and use Spike.

Marco Diversi

Spike turns emails readable & fun. I tried many services but nothing’s as good as this! If you manage multiple emails & want a smart solution to all your emails Spike is perfect!

A smarter Inbox

Spike's clever Priority Inbox helps you take action quickly on your most important messages by pushing them to the top of your inbox, while low-priority messages are moved aside for later. Bring order to inbox chaos with Spike’s automatic email triage.

Super search

Search anything, find everything, without opening a single email. Spike’s advanced email search will help you to find exactly what you're looking for right away.

Quick actions

Clear out your Inbox in seconds. Unsubscribe in one tap, mark as read, bulk delete, and archive thousands of messages with one touch. Pin to top important messages, snooze messages for later and see whenever your message was read with read indicators.

Collaboration built-in

Not just another note app

Create, edit, collaborate, and share collaborative notes without leaving your inbox. Work faster, together.

The quickest way to done

Organize and prioritize your tasks and projects without breaking a sweat. Spike helps you complete tasks faster and turns your to-do list into a done list. 

Video and audio meetings

Start or join a video meeting or audio call seamlessly, without ever leaving Spike. Choose a contact, start a call. It’s all built-in.