The power of email.
The simplicity of chat.

The first collaborative email platform that helps teams of all sizes connect, create and collaborate in order to accomplish more.


Trusted by over 1.3 million people who've upgraded their email experience with Spike

Email that puts people first

Conversational email removes stiff formalities, letting you communicate like a human again. No more confusing threads—just natural, flowing dialogue for an improved workflow. It's email, but as easy as chat.

Talk to people.
Not threads.

Repeating headers, signatures, and threads make email hard to read. Clear the clutter and transform your email into a real time chat that’s easy to read.

Save time and get the best of mail and messaging in one.

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A smarter Inbox

Spike's intelligent Priority Inbox removes distractions so you can stay focused. See important messages first, while low priority messages are moved to the side for later.

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User Review

“As someone who receives hundreds of emails every day, the efficiency and speed with which I can process and respond to messages is everything.”

star star star star star

Micha Kaufman

CEO Fiverr

Not just another Note app

Create, edit, collaborate and share dynamic Notes without ever leaving your Inbox. Stay organized, be inventive, and get things done—together.

It’s a space as versatile as your ideas.

Live collaboration

Save the time and stress of useless meetings.

Create a Note, share your thoughts as a team - edit, comment, chat, store files and manage Tasks in real time.

Work smarter—together.

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Chat: a sidebar

Edit and bounce ideas around with your team without ever leaving the Note.

Whether your team is in the same office or across continents—instantly view real time feedback alongside your document, helping you get it done as one.

Collaboration has never been so simple.

Jozsef Juhasz

“The Spike app is a great blend of email and messaging. It strips away the unnecessary parts of traditional email and has added bonuses that save me and my business so much time. It’s genius!”

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Jozsef Juhasz

Freelance Web Designer & Developer

The quickest way to done

Organize and prioritize your Tasks, projects, and even your grocery list. Get things done faster without breaking a sweat, making your To-Do list a Done list.

Plan, track, complete

No matter the nature of the Task, Spike's Tasks keep you on top of everything.

Easily see when a Task is completed thanks to instant notifications. Updates, edits and feedback appear at the top of your Inbox as work progresses so you never break your workflow.

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Never forget a thing

Stay on track and organized with reminders. Easy reminder scheduling lets you be kind to your time, helping you prioritize your To-Do list in seconds.

You have enough on your plate. Leave remembering the little details to us.

User Review

“Less noise. Less clutter. It’s like finding the holy grail of efficiency.”

star star star star star

Conrad Levine

Business Advisor

Team chat built-in

Everything you love about messenger, built into your email Inbox.

Spike eliminates the repetitiveness of email. Quickly chat with Spike’s email chat and get back to work. Say goodbye to multiple tabs and apps, and hello to seamless collaboration.

Chat with anyone,

Create a Group chat for any team, project or client. There’s no need to download new software or team communication apps - it’s all right here.

Anyone with an email account can join the conversation—even if they don’t use Spike.

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Real time chat,
real time results

Real time replies keep you on track and informed and keep the conversation moving. Get up to speed in a glance and access all files ever shared with ease.

Questions, comments, replies, and files are right where you need them at all times, on every device.

Darren Olstad

“Spike has done a really good job of getting the features I need from messenger apps into email, like a business chat. Spike is the best of both worlds, with zen-like simplicity across all platforms.”

star star star star star

Darren Olstad

Founder, Crowne Law

All in your Inbox

Spike combines all the tools you need to take on your day in one supercharged Inbox. Emails, messaging, collaboration tools, calendars, and more are all in one place.

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Spike Multiple Devices

Spike Everywhere

Use Spike on any device and collaborate from anywhere